I like to put is as "in the absence of selection pressures people create their own.'

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Rod Graham

In the end of his life, the Buddha was asked how he wanted to be remembered. His response: "Remember me as one who awakened."

How much easier it is to go through life fast asleep, blissfully dreaming that the world revolves around yourself.

Thanks for another great post that nudges an older white guy a bit further towards consciousness, Rod. The longest journey begins with a single step.

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Probably true to an extent, though the purportedly safe and secure "West" is probably not as safe and secure as a lot of people think it is, and to the extent that wokeness impacts the vigilance with which the West defends its safety and security, even more so.

But I do believe it to be slur to allege that people adopt wokeness as cover for true bigotry. If there was a positive relationship between the most "woke" jurisdictions and high levels of successful minorities, I might start to buy that argument, but come to ultra-woke San Francisco and witness thousands of homeless mentally-ill and drug-addicted black people dying on the streets, and very few black people anywhere else, and you'll dispel yourself of any thought of that very quickly.

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Your point, as I understand it, is that we're rich enough and safe enough to get into a dispute over ideology.

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How much wokeness is an inability to psychologically deal with rapid relative decline?

The USA use to have over half of global GNP and is projected to have 8% of global GNP a generation from now. The large majority of the US is expected to be owned by foreigners a generation from now; with much of what isn't owned by foreigners owned by market dominant ethnics and immigrants (jews, russians, ghanaians, nigerians, cubans, asians etc.)

Is it easier to condemn foreigners, ethnics, latinos, nigerians, ghanaians, asians as multi-racial white supremacists or multi-ethnic white supremacists rather than ask them with humility:

---what is your secret?

---how are you successful?

---how can I be more successful like you?

---how can I become more like you?

---please teach me?

I think that the Spanish and Portuguese woke might be jealous of the economic success of African Americans--who earn more than people in Spain and Portugal adjusted for the cost of living.

How much of what people call "wokeness" is actually a very ancient human failing . . . jealousy?

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