I go a step further in my arguments around Trump's indictment. I agree with your statement that retribution is the goal, but I also examine the importance of accountability in a democratic country.

To date, the United States has failed to bring a President or former President to trial for any crimes, even serious war crimes.

This has allowed each consecutive leader to assume he's above the law and will never face justice. He can act with relative impunity.

Trump being indicted could change that, assuming he is found guilty in a fair court of law without trickery.

That's why due process is so important.

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Well written as always. I have no love for Trump but think this is a politically motivated prosecution. Bragg made prosecuting Trump a campaign promise I believe. The indictment does not state what the other violation is to justify a felony charge but if it's a campaign finance violation the Fed's already passed on that and while violations are common fines rather than prosecutions generally are the result. John Edwards was charged with campaign finance violations for allegedly funneling nearly $1,000,000 to his pregnant mistress. He was acquitted.

Retribution is a reason to prosecute but it has to be retribution for the crime charged not for Trump's generally villainous life. The indictment made about half the country happy and half the country angry. Is that really what we need right now? The best thing for the country would be to ignore Trump but the indictment also gave Trump a bump in the polls and funding. He had been sliding in both.


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